Monday, February 26, 2007


I studied England three last semester, it was quite interesting ut very difficult, any way.. whenever u say English literature Shakespeare comes to your mind … but why him?? I mean there are a lot of good writers like Mr. Alexander Pope.
Dusting the text doesn’t guarantee it's excellence …. Or does it??? Shakespeare has a lot of mistakes in his works.
Writings didn’t reflect the real life in that time, people liked the fiction coz they find the satisfaction they were looking for.. Shakespeare lacked the poetic justice which means " The good people will be rewarded and the evil will be punished" . Inall of his writings, the good people die and finally bnfta7 3za. Then his writings were not accepted because people didn’t feel like they are satisfied with his endings. But, don’t u think that this is the case in our time? I mean, good people are punished for being good and bad people are rewarded.
I'm taking Shakespeare now, it's a demanded course, his writings are interesting yet they are very difficult to understand. I'm reading one of the most famous play which is "King Lear" and later on I'm going to summarize it and post it here so that every one will have clue about it.

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Diana said...

that's what "tragedies" are about, always with a sad ending.

I prefer Shakespeare's poetry to his plays.