Thursday, June 14, 2007

5 things w bs

5 things I avoid in blogging :

1. the long posts .. i hate reading these posts ... i usually don't read them .. some people have no time for reading so i think :: i think ha :: eno el posts should be short so people won't feel bored ..

2. not answering people's comments .. i don't know .. i feel like i wanna know others' opinion about what i wrote .. that's why i'm blogging guys .. NOT to talk to myself .

3. criticism .. i simply become angry when people start a war of words, i just hate that .. and u know why ...

4. gossips .. waaaaaaaaaaal hdol malyane mnhom el blogs .. sebo elwa7ad be7alo ... SEBOOOOOOH .. i'm blogging for fun mo 3shan ajeb waja3 larase ...

5. attacking other .. and i remember that i deleted a post bcoz mr. X man attacked me w besheda .. i feel like this is my area and i have the freedom to post whatever i like ..

What do u think??????????????????????


Sabsoub said...

i think u r right

bara2 said...

sa7?? thank God u are with me in this ..:P
thanx for passing by :: alf warde ::

MQabbani said...

i think u know my opinion :P

bara2 said...

6ab3an i know ... enta ele ba3ref :P

SimSim said...

I am completely absolutely totally agree with u :D bas sometimes I write long posts cuz I blog to write all my thoughts so sometimes they r long :D but I usually don’t read long posts :P

Mala2e6 said...


انا ما بقصد اكتب بوستات طويلة بس ابدا اكتب و اكتب ما بحس ولا بتطلع ولا شو؟ 20 متر

بشطب و بشطب

بس بعدين ما بقدر اشطب

اما عن الكومنتس

بالنسبة الي اشي مهم جدا انه ارد على كل حدا علق و مهم جدا كمان ارد الزيارة للالي اجا لعندي
مرات ما بلحق ما بكون عندي وقت بس بحاول قد ما بقدر

هلاالنقد و النميمة و ل ول

انا صراحة مش جاي اسم بدن حدا و ما بحب حدا يسم بدني

و انا معك يا براء باللي قلتية كله

الواحد بيطفش من العالم الخارجي ليجي يغير جو صح؟

رووء يا جميل

bara2 said...

ya sometime people are forced to write long post ... SOMETIME ha .. but there are many bloggers who write long posts .. i can't read all the post .. i'm not asking them to short their wrtings these are their blogs that we are talking about .. they are completely free .. but eshe w mno so that we can read ya jama3a .. :)

bara2 said...

ملائط في بوستات طويلة كتير وبتحسي الحكي فيها مصفوف صف .. وبيكون بيشرح موضوع كتير شخصي وممل .. انا ما بقصد احكي شي عن اي حدا محدد ولا والله مافي حدا ببالي .. لكن انا عم بلاحظ انو البوستات كتير طويلة ... او في ناس ابدا ما بتجاوب على الكومنت .. مع مين انا بحكي مع حالي؟؟ اني وي .. انتي بوستاتك ووربي يشهد انا ما عم بجاملك بس كتير حلوة .. مضحكة .. والواحد بيفتش على الشي المضحك .. كل هالاوضاع وما بنا نضحك؟؟

Maioush said...

Very interesting points bara2… those are some tricks and tips for bloggingg if you ask me, write about your own thing.. don’t attack others, and don’t write you life time story in one post… bravo 3aleaki .. I guess you’ve been around enough to know , smart kid ;)

hamede said...

I igroo.

7aki Fadi said...

Sa7, i hate it when people don't reply to comments.

But I do read long posts if they are interesting I have to admit.

You know what, I have to agree on all of them :)

bara2 said...

ahlan ya 7elwe .. nawar el blog :)
to be honest .. i've been trying lately to write smth which is funny and short .. and guess why?? bcoz each time i do my journy to other blogs i realize that i don't want to read .. or comment or do anything ya3ne bamor moror elkeram .. some of them just ignore u as if u didn't visit or comment they don't replay and they donr pay u the visit .. tha's why i felt like i don't want to be ignored i won't visit them again ..
thank u for ur lovely comment .. BS ANA KBELE = kbere :: wa7ad m3aseb ::

thank u man :)i guess we all should agree ..

7aki fadi:
i hate it too ... like what i've just said u feel like ignored .. and about the long posts .. yes i don't generalize ... there are some good bloggers who know exactly what to write and how to write .. u feel like u wanna continue reading to know what is going on .. but they are only 2% mn hdol ele bektobo long posts .. this is a personl point of view and i'm glad that there are some people who agree with me ..sorry for my long comment here and thank u for ur visit :: wa7ad bewaze3 2ahwe ahlan wa sahlan ::

Шαғα said...

ana kaman agree :yai:

bs mu two cents : about long posts i sometimes write those :shy: bs i'm a special case , that's how i've always been , when i write i just want someone to stop me :p

there is gossiping in blogs :| waaal

bara2 said...

ahlan ya 7elwe .. glad that u agree ... bs ana shofet postatek no they are not long .. 3arfe ya3ne what do i mean by the word " long "?? ya3ne bt2o3ode more than 3 mins reading the post .. ya3ne this is 7awale 1 to 2 pages in microsof word .. ha?? kalam marsos ras .. this is what i meant ..
mmmmmmm yes fe gossips .. balawe ya 7elwe ..

Anonymous said...

The one thing I don't like sometimes about blogging is when somebody doesn't like a post and leave a rude comment..Everybody is allowed to agree or disagree, no need for attacks..

bara2 said...

ya sweetie this is so bad .. there are some people whom u can't respect .. they just keep on attacking other bcoz of jealousy .. so this is a good point ..
thank u for passing by :: meet warde ::

Someone in Al Ain said...

thats a very nice post..

i agree with you %

thanks for posting it

wonders said...

Good Morning... :)

I don't think there's room to disagree here, it is all true.
you sound like you are down, cheer up! :)

bara2 said...

some one in ain:
thank u hada kolo mn zo2ak ...
thank u for passing by :: wa7ad bewaze3 choco la7e2 7alak ::

la hon e7na 3la ra7tak .. if u feel like gisagree 5alas ma bafashlak .. loooooooooool :P

Na3ouri said...

انسي ولا يهمك
انتي حكيتيها الواحد بيجي هون يغير جو و مرات يفضفض و يشوف ناس جداد
و بالنهاية البلوغ الك و الك كامل الحرية انك تحكي فيه شو ما بدك
فإنسي عمي و طنش تعش تنتعش :)

bara2 said...

هادا الي انا عم بعملو .. بنسى وبمخمخ على راحتي .. وشو ما بدي بكتب ..
بعدين في كلمة هي طنش تعش تنتعش بتصفي بالنعش .. في طبعة تانية .. طنش تعش تنتعش ما انت اخريتك بالنعش .. اختار الي بيريحك :)