Tuesday, May 19, 2009

invisible (part 1)

What would u do if u were invisible?


hamede said...

كل ما حدا يعمل منسف في أي بيت بروح أكل

مياسي said...

I do not like this wish nor thinking about it!!! sorry i won't answer that :-S

Anonymous said...

I agree With Mayyasi , may be if u could be invisible you may see stuff u dont like to see , or hear others , you wish that u never heard :D , so let us be Visible all the time .

It's like being ignorance :D ma 7ada be7sib 7saboo idha konti wa2feh !

I prefer having extra power like superman , rather than being invisible ;)

Anonymous said...

unfortunately, everything i wanted to do being invisible are timed out and can't happen again.

sweetlikearose said...

بس هاي هي؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟
بسيطة ازا وقفت على هيك :)

It's not a wish and it's not necessary that I like or even consider it a positive thing .. it's just a THOUGHT :P

Yes exactly .. THIS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT .. yeslam temmek .. bas a7kelek?? ana ma ba7eb ykon 3nde extra power .. I'd like to be normal :)
:: 7abteen choco ::

at least it desirve a try :P
:: fenjan ya hala :P ::
tahnx for passing by and leaving a comment :)

Naryat said...

I would try to figure how does it feel when wind passes THROUGH me :-)

sweetlikearose said...

LooooooooooooooL .. hala2 hada ho ele bedek te3mle?? tarakte kol she w jai 3la had :P
bas I think it's a good feeling :P
:: 7abet choco ::