Tuesday, April 24, 2007

......... AND LIFE GOES ON

many bad and good things happen ..

BUT life goes on .....


Maioush said...

Bara2.. what's up?
kol had meshan mesh 3arfeh troo7i seven??? khalas balah hal el rhan... :D J/k ;) just trying to draw a smile on your face.. take it easy

bara2 said...

no maioush it's not because of seven but bcoz i'll drop the Shakespeare course and i'm really angry of this Dr. ... ma7at5araj ya mai eza bde adal as2e6 mawad besabab eldakatra ..
anyway i posted it just to know what's ur opinion on these two short lines ..
i'm well i jsut felt so bad but now i'm doing good .. really ..:P
God bless u :)

MQabbani said...

hey take it easy

laGi 7ada ydrob al Dr. LOOL , well u need to learn something very important the Dr. is Stuck in uni ,you should leave it , so it is high risk to drop stuff CUZ THE DR.

يعني انتي و حظك يمكن على أخر فصل تنزل المادة عندو و هاتي ينجحك, انتبهي و حاولي انك تتأقلمي مع الدكتور و تعرفي مفتاحو ..

Maioush said...

yeeeeeeeee.. i'm so sorry to hear thet my dear.. inshalla it will be fine... isn't that the guy you had a fight with not long time ago?? if it is the same guy, looks like it just got bad as i expected. it's ok my dear.. ma3llesh be3awdek allah bs deeri balek aham shi

bara2 said...

m qabbani:
يعني انا اول مرة بعاني من متل هيك شي .. وعشان اكون صريحة مو عارفة اني اتأقلم معاه ابدا ..
والاسقاط لا عادي الكل بيسقط ما بيحط عقلو بعقل ولاد صغار .. هو اصلا بارت تايم ما بيعطي الا شعبتنا هو بدرس بالاهلية ... بس اسلوبو وبضمنلك انو صعب وانا ما بدي اترجى حدا
بس عنجد عم بحاول اتأقلم مع الوضع والله ... وحتى انا مبارح كنت شوي مضايقة بس هلا لا عادي ريلاكس
صباحك سكر :)

bara2 said...

Goooooooooood morning sweety
yes he is .. and i took my report and i got like C+ i was so angry so i showed it to ra2es elqesem he also teaches Shakespear and he was so surprised .. he told me if it backs to him he would give me A++ i swaer ... and i got in the exam 12/30 this is the lowest mark i'v ever taken ...:) i also asked ra2es elqesem he gave me 22/30 without telling him my real mark and when i told him he was like : BTE7KE JAD BARA2?? he reread my name yemken 3 times to make sure that this is my paper .. see?? mazloma .. and u know why all of this?? coz i participated with him alot and i studied from the internet which is his first enemy without me knowing that :)
God bless u .. i feel like i'm really much better to tell someone about this .. coz i didn't tell anyone so far .. i'm so sick ..
Thank u sweety .. 6awalet 3laeke

SimSim said...

but with time u will find all the days r the same so if anything bad or good happened u don't feel it :D this is what is going with me now loool

bara2 said...

yes that what will happen .. u fotgey what happened and life just goes on ...
thank u :)

Abed Hamdan said...

Life will go on, whether we like it or not.

so it's about Shakespeare ?? :S Damn! yallah sho bedna ne3mal, heyye el jam3a haaik moz3eje..

ana hadak el yoom qarraret ashteri some Shakespeare book to read, bas shaklo '3ayyart ra2ye :)

cheer up girl :)

bara2 said...

saba7 el5er
yes it's about him .. and this is so bad coz i can get it A bs hada elmajnon daktorna .. allah yhdeh ma bena no23od w neshta3'el belnas ..
w b3den do get some books to read l2no language is so so difficult u won't understand it .. u need to get books with notes to understand it really ...it's good to read something for him ... but keep in mind eno in the end bedak tefta7 3aza la2eno elkol bemoot :)
thank u man ..:)

Na3ouri said...

بتمنى انو تكون الاشياء الايجابية اكثر من السلبيات
و ان شاء الله بنشوفك من الناجحين و الخريجين :)

Life said...

Bara2... let me tell you something... that MIGHT make you feel a little better...

I dropped the whole semester last week..
Not only because of the teacher.. But also because the whole uni suck..
Believe me I know how it feels.. Especially after we spent time and energy on all those classes.. bas its ok..

Ma tez3ali.. You will catch up.. Its never too late..

;) cheer up sis

bara2 said...

لما اطلع.... بدي اكسر وراي عشر جرار من الغالين .. عشان ابينلهم كم انا سعيدة بخروجي من جامعهتهم
شكرا ناعوري انشاء الله يتحقق هالحلم السعيد هادا .. كيف ووين هادا السؤال :)

oh sweety i'm so sorry to hear this ... u cheer up :P
well, really i feel ok i had to deal with this but the thing is lamata??
thank u sweety for ur support :)