Sunday, April 15, 2007

life is so hard

life is not easy at all ..
u know sometimes u may feel so bad .. u're just not in the mood .. what can i say??
life is so hard ..
people who lived before us were happier than us .. they had many things to do, still they enjoyed their lives.. but nowadays , every thing has changed .. u work u study u u u but YOU are not HAPPY just like them ... allah yer7amhom jamee3hom...
i wish i can set in a high place and just shout : OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF ....



redrose said...

Why I feel not only me who passing through depressing feeling!
I think it is phase and will end soon.
Don't think a lot just relax and walk alone :) hope that will help ;)TC

bara2 said...

thank u for ur support ...
and i hope that u can pass ur depression too..
God bless u

Naryat said...

when u go there could u plz call me?

MQabbani said...

Kolo behone , take it easy

and it


not uff ;)

Life said...

Yes sweety life is hard.. and yes we have to live it..

what you said have a clue for you to feel better..
that need to shout.. means there are alot that you want to say and some how you cant..

dont let things inside.. let them out..

write it down.. tell it to someone that you know you can trust and would only listen.. or lets just go to that place and shout :)

bara2 said...

ok when i go i'll call u .. so wait for my call :)
thanx 4 ur support sweety :)

ya i know eno kolo behon bs mata??
w ba3deen hehehehe shu ana deeb?? law kont deeb kan ma betshofne meday2a ..:P
thanx for ur support :)

ya ya life u are so hard :P
i wish every thing just be ok .. i really wish .. today i feel better but not that much ..
u know not only life is hard but also EXAMS i got 12/30 this is the lowest and the worst mark i ever have ..:(
since i have to write down my feelings to someone i trust, then you people are this one .. tla2ee 3ad:
i hate SHAKESPEAR and i hate it's Doc sorry but he doesn't know how to deal with SHAKESPEAR from a diffrent point of view .. ana mn zman m3a2edetne hal mada :(
thanx 4 ur support :)

SimSim said...

who said they were happy ? ok maybe little bet :P

walla i don't know jadd every body is bored or not happy :( nothing give u the reason to be happy:(

bara2 said...

ahlan simsim .. ya there is NOTHONG that makes u be happy .. really ..
and YES everybody is bored and feel unhappy :( yenken virus in the weather :)
and ajdadna they were much happier than us .. trust me ..

Anonymous said...

طولي بالك.....بتهون وبطلعلها قرون


bara2 said...

بتهون ابو شاكوش هاي واقعية .. بس بيطلعلها قرون؟؟؟
هههههههههههههه نايس نايس :)
thanx 4 ur support

Abed Hamdan said...

Today people work 10 hrs a day, 6 days a week to put food on table.

They don't have time to be happy. but you know what, I believe happiness comes from inside, even if you're locked in prison cell where you don't even the sun

bara2 said...

lets just say that if u are locked in prison u can't be happy coz it's your freedom that they take ... a human can't be happy without his/her freedom ... even animals and birds .. they die ...
people in the past didn't have all the complecations that we have nowadays ... these complecations make us less happier than them .. we are getting old so early .. we are not healthier than them ... what can i say ??
if u want to be happy ... there should be some elements that u can't say that i'm happy without having them .. the most important one is content ...

Abed Hamdan said...

It's a long discussion dear bara2.

and I 100% disagree with you :)

you can refer to some great literature and see how people managed to survive (and become happy) even when they were tortured in prison cells.

Do you know "sala7 sh7ada" ??

read his biography..

some people aren't in prison and are depressed for no reasons.

do you remember Fer3oon's wife ?? she was tortured and about to die, was she unhappy ?? no, she said "rabbi ebne lee 3endaka baytan fl janna.."

sala7 sh7ada established alqassam brigades, he said when he was locked in a cell that was too cold in winter and too hot in summer, it was too small he could stand up...they removed all his hands' and legs' nail..they tortured him. he said that one year in israeli prisons is like on hour, it makes no difference.

Freedom is the freedom of the mind, not physical freedom

bara2 said...

well dear Abed ..
i welcome ur discussion here ...
plz reconsider this very important point .. those people whom u are talking about are considered to be OLD ... that means they found their happiness in prison bcoz they are men/women of principals they are better than us .. i didn't say that happiness is linked with freedom all the time .. i said at the final sentence "CONTENT" ...
they accepted the reality and they accepted being in prison ... they had to deal easy with these things .. but i think those were happy bcoz they were defending and protecting some very important issues they find their content ..that is why they were free in their way of thinking .. but tell me .. if a man who is just a criminal or whatever was imprisoned, do u believe him if he says I'M FREE??? i won't
I respect ur point of view ofcurse .. u've got a very good point out there ...
But what I'm trying to say is:
القناعة كنز لا يفنى ...
That is why they were happy … they were happy bcoz they didn't work just like machines … they had strong ties between families , relatives and friends..
Yes we may be happy because of the new style of life .. but I guess if we had the chance to go back and live in the time when no satellites, mobiles and cars fa5ma … we would manage and be happier …

Abed Hamdan said...


btw, they were captured our ages, they weren't old ;)

but as you said, their principles are the center of their lives!

this is the key of happiness, to live for (and by) principles that never change no matter what your situation is :)

bara2 said...

yes abed .. that is ...
and i didn't mean eno old in age .. i mean old eno zaman :P
thank u .. u really have the skill of argument man .. u should take debate ,... betbade3 w btjeeb A++

Abed Hamdan said...


Sala7 sh7ada estash-had fil 2002 :)

he's not old wala zaman abadan :)

bara2 said...

is al-qassam a new movement??
i though enhom men 30s or 40s ..
that is good .. u know..??
i think that we have to make those heros somth else .. yes m3ak 7a2 .. elsha3eb elfalas6eene kolhom ab6al ..
this is their website??
i'll check it thank u ...

Abed Hamdan said...

Dear bara2,

yes AlQassam Brigades has been established upon the last Intifada.

Named for Izz el Deen Alqassam, the Syrian man who fought the English Imperialism in Palestine and was assassinated in Ya3bad(im from ya3bad village btw). <== official alqassam website. <== official Palestinian/hamas media center.

when you take these websites, please delete my comments (you know why ;)

no msh bas el sha3b el falasteenee, kol el omme el islamiyya abtal insha2allah.

bara2 said...

hehehehe 3abed ... bedak te5las mne???
that is good information really .. i though enhom mn zman ...
u know many things .. good background man :)... mn warana?
well, thank u 3la el websites .. i checked that one ... i'll check those ones ..
u are so nice thank u ...:)

Abed Hamdan said...

ur welcome,

hey delete my comments please...msh na2ensa :P (not kidding, please delete my comments lol)

bara2 said...

abed how can i delete it??
don't worry man 5alas i'll not check these websites ... hehehe
this is good aslan to know .. where is the prob ?? we are not gonna do anything ..

Abed Hamdan said...


no we must read the websites :)

agollek, don't delete anything :D

bas in case if you would like to delete comments in the future, fee ta7et kol commet zai 3alamet zbaale, u can click it..

or else, login , then go to your dashboard, and click on "comments", there you can delete them :D

Bara2 said...

ma3nde 3lamet zbala ..:)
5alas i'll learn how to delete them .. but those?? there isn't anything wrong with them ... i guess :)