Monday, June 30, 2008

The sadness delayed

I don’t know what is going on with me these days .. maybe being free with nothing to do is destroying my life :: yes lahaldaraje ::, I got used to work .. I got used to be very very busy and now I have nothing to do except searching the internet for something interesting to do … I read blogs , I play stupid games, I even stare at the computer without doing anything .. the worst is that I keep THINKING ...

Watching T.V is not a very good idea since I’m not that kind of people who get themselves engaged with watching the shows and the series w hai el5orafat .. going out hanging with friends seems to be a great idea except that I don’t have a free friend to hang out with .. they’re all at WORK ..

I still have some issues that have not been solved yet .. I wish if I can just relax and throw the burden out of my shoulders … I want many things to happen w I’m waiting and waiting but nothing happens .. how long should I wait till what I dream of become true?? Thought I assure u it’s an easy thing but life with its complicated principles makes things difficult for me ..

Can we just forget what we want so bad so easily?? I’m not sure that I can .. and I can’t betray myself and the ones who care for me .. I just don’t know how can I express the anger that dwells inside me from the first day I started dreaming and dreaming of this thing .. and believe me there is one more thing that is more difficult than losing hope which is disappointment ..

I’m not writing this to say I’m sad .. I just wanted to express myself in my space ,, up till now things are somehow calm and I’m glad for this but after 2 weeks from now I know I’ll need some help … this is what I call : the sadness delayed …


Naryat said...

2eeeh ya Bara2...
You are still too young tothink of all that and carry this heavy burden on your shoulders sweety!!!
Just do not keep waiting for nothing...
Do not forget what you want, just be opimistic and sure oneday you will get it...
do not worry, if it is written to you, NOTHING will take it away... if it is not, NOTHING will bring it to you... and sure it is not worth worrying or being sorry about...
I know life is harsh some times, and some situations cause people around you to put you under pressure, bs don't respond negatively to all that...
I f you could not turn the stress to a positive motivating energy then just freez your nerves... and as they say "care less"...
And let me stillthis from Bahloul (b3ed izno :-p ):

دع المقادير تجري في أعنتها
ولا تبيتن إلا خالي البال
ما بين طرفة عين والتفاتتفها
يغير الله من حال إلى حال

Abed. Hamdan said...

Allah kareem.

looks like a bad season for many people..

hisham said...

uummmm... It is always somehow hard to move from one stage to another in life, just remeber that it means that you are moving into a new stage with lots of new things life, just think of that.
ba3deen tab3i TV, malo musalsal mohannd :p
Aw 3ala seerit el 6a55, roo7 3ala nadi el remayih w feshi 5el2ek honak , you will feel free for a long time after.

vagueraz said...

[sadness delayed …] ...
sweety bara2 ,,,
If you want something to happen and u can not change any thing just keep praying and trust God ...
يخلق الله مالا تعلمون .......

... may next days hide u a gr8 things ....
Cheers :)

مياسي said...

Normal feeling
U graduated right?? I had exactly the same feelings with mixes of age factor of course.

u will pass this "emptiness" feeling after a while and everything would b OK, it is just a tax u have to pay :)

sweetlikearose said...

I'm too young but i do carry that burden lel2asaf ..and the sentence :: just don't keep waiting for nothing :: it's really strange .. ma ba3raf sadmatne 3a6efyan .. is what i'm waiting for NOTHING ?? or it won't become true ?? lasama7 allah naryat .. la t2oleha :(
w ana sweetie ba2men kteer belnaseeb bekol she bel7aya ..
3m ba7awel ma astaslem .. c??i'm ok now :)
::wa7ad ber2o9 :P ::
w al2byat?? kteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer 7elween jad :)
thank u sweetie for your support .. u know it helps always :)

Yes it is man
allah kareem :)
thank u 3abed for everything

Yes it's too hard .. sometimes u don't want to move bas be7arkook be wensh :P
w noor?? ra7 a3mal feh post kamel 3n 2reeb kteer .. batab3o lesh ma atab3o ya3ne :P
thank u hisham :: warde ::

sweetlikearose said...

bte3rafe lesh sar fene heek??
3shan qara2et ur post w Abed's post fa ekta2abet :(
kalamek jad be6amene .. ma 7ada be3raf sho yseer w enshallah yseer ele bedna eyah .. ana b2amen beldo3a2
:: alf warde ::

katabet esmek sa7???????
sar 3ende hada elsho3oor ta3 ele bet5araj bas ma t5afe 3lai as long as it has nothing to do with feelings bakoon mnee7a enshallah w basale wa2te .. bas bene w benek mo 7elo hada elsho3or abadan :)
welcome to my blog w thank u for passing by :)
:: fenjan 2hwet ya mar7aba :) ::

Anas said...

لااااااااااااا مستحيل هاد انتي هون؟
والله مبروك التخرج وعقبال اللي بكون اعلى منو

نيون والله نيون

شو هالاحزان اللي انا شايفها؟
وحدي الله مفش اشي بستاهل
زي ما بقلك اول ستين سنه بعدين خلص كلشي بهون
يالله بدي الاشياء الزاكيه اللي بكونو بين هدول
:: ::

anas said...

لحظه لحظه
ميسو عندك كمان؟؟
هههه يا عيني يا عيني
والله هيتك حركه وما بنخاف عليكي

Maher said...

tb why not find a job, what did you graduate exactly? marketing wela MIS?

vagueraz said...

baraaa2 mesh 2oltee ma beddek
tekra2i my post shu sar 7atta
b3deeen jad daleee ed3i allah w koni wathka kteer w enshalla kol ely beddek eyyah byt7a2a2 ,, allah kareeem :)

Anonymous said...


sweetlikearose said...

مجنون انت على فكرة ..
انا هون منذ قديم الزمان بس انت وين هالغيبة .. ومياسي اجت زارتني ورحت اشربت عندها فنجان قهوة عندك مانع :: واحد بتمسخر ::
والله يبارك فيك وعقبالك يارب بكل شي منيح واعلى واعلى ..
:: واحد بياكل شورما لزيزة على الزوايا وما بدو يطعميك وواحد بيطعيك اخر نص حبة شكلاتة معو :) ::

bede ashta3'el meen 7kalak ana bamoot law badal belbeet :)
w ana English Literature .. forsa enak ma bte3raf :P
:: wa7ad mesta3'reb w 6ayre fo2o 3lamat estefham ::

ente 3arfe bela7zet do3of y3ademne eyah elshay6an fotet w qara2to .. 7aseet nfse at2thar wallahe 7akeet fotee ya benet w law bakete barta7 .. ana aktar she be3'alenbe howa elzekrayat .. 7ata law 7ada 7ka 3n zekrayato ba7zan :(
:: wa7ad 7azeen ::

darkchange kol uoom :P ::
Ur words are so sweet .. thanx man .. wallah be6la3 menak :P
enta awal 7ada be7kele dale e7lame w 7ayet7a2a2 .. I hope enshallah ..
thank u so much
w sho ra2yak nroo7 3la elmalahe ?????
:: Umbrella menak :P ::

Amjad Wadiِ said...

relax, tomorrow you will wish one of these days, you will call them "beautiful, free, relaxing, released, ... days

I wish I can spend one summer vacation relaxing "3al farsheh" :-)

Broken Wing said...

oh my goodness! i was the exact same way .. i had nothing to do! accept sit at home and have my laptop near me ..
what i did was i volunteered in a local hospital .. It kept me busy! and it's a lot of fun.. I suggest you volunteer or work at something :) it will keep your mind off of things..

oh and by the way, thinking is a good thing! keep thinking!! its not a bad thing at all .. people who think are blessed with that ability .. because so many (and i mean A LOT!) can't think! you are a rare person! so keep your journey of thoughts going :)

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