Thursday, March 22, 2007

Men vs. Women

Can we women be equal to men???
Women can't be equal to men … each one of them has a different function in this life..
Women should always remember that their tasks are to stay home and do the household while men are outside the house. SHE should cook, clean, do the washing up, take care of her children and so on …
Many girls are asking to be equal to men .. but trust me .. u don’t want to be … I think most women are happy because they have someone to throw their burdens on .. someone who can handle every thing .. the meaning of equality includes every thing coz u can't be equal to someone or something if you are not the same .. and since God creates us not the same then it's natural to say we can't be equal to them ..
If u want to be equal then you should be totally equal or not ,In work, jobs, clothes, bodies and the way of thinking … are u ready for that?
I mean there is no girl wants to work as a bus control .. or a taxi driver or carpenter or even smith and many things like that.. actually I'm happy because there is always someone to take care of me whenever I need ..
Don’t ask for the equality but just ask to have all your rights.

Is it ok for women to work many hours outside their houses?
Many men don’t like the idea of allowing their wives and women to work outside unless they become teachers … I don’t agree with this coz I believe that woman should not treated as a second citizen .. she may not be able to do all what she should do but lets not forget that she is a human …

Are women weak?
Lets say that because of their nature they might be weak .. but they are very clever … they are very strong when they want to be .. or when it comes to the way they think .. if we put emotions aside.
I believe that she is kind of weak because of our society … maybe emotionally she is … physically, she can't enter a fight with a man … and maybe that is why she can't go outside alone after the 9 pm or she can't go alone to any where without a company.

Do both women and men scarify?
Yes they both scarify ..
Once I had a chat with my friends .. they told me that men don’t scarify and that they are selfish.. how come they are selfish ??… I mean there are some men and women who are really selfish but u can't generalize … a man who wakes up very early every morning and goes to his work and spends many hours outside his house is selfish?? He scarifies many things .. his rest, his being with his family in his house and even his health ..
And a woman who is ready to give birth of her children though she knows that many things will change in her life and maybe for ever .. is she selfish???

Now for u :
- Do u want to be equal to men?
- Can women be equal to men?
- Are u ready to scarify?
- Are men selfish?
- Do you believe that women are weak?


MQabbani said...

WOW ..
kent bedi aktob 3n she 2areeb meno talk in details in morning

berja3 mara tanyeh .. cuz so so sleepy ..

abu_shakuush said...

1 man + 1 man = 1 woman :-)

bara2 said...

Nna na na na na saba2tak …:p
Well , I have a presentation this Tuesday.. it's about men vs. women … I have to make it controversial … I should provoke my audience so that they would argue and debate … so I came up with this idea .. if I can post it here and u guys write down ur comments... that will help me a lot …
Welcome any time .. sa7se7 then come and give us ur opinion …:)

Abu- Shakosh:
Y3ne shu bde a7ke ???
9a7 elsanak.. that’s it

Maioush said...

Oh oh oh oh ya Bara2… I have a lot to sat here, a lot of (I disagree with you).
I TOTALLY DISAGREE with you about “Women should always remember that their tasks are to stay home and do the household while men are outside the house. SHE should cook, clean, do the washing up, take care of her children and so on …” are you serious? Stay home and cook and clean?? I’m not talking about equality here, that’s totally different matter, I don’t want to be equal to a man, I’m a very sensitive person, and I want to be taking care of, BUT that doesn’t make my task to stay home and cook and clean, so lets not generalize that.
Are women weak?
I also DISAGREE with you; women are very strong physically… I dare the strongest man on this earth to be able to take the pain that women go through labor!!!
Emotionally she might be WEAKER than SOME men, but it’s a big nono to generalize that, I know women are WAAAAAAAAAAY stronger than men emotionally.
God I want to say so many thing but I don’t want to cause you headache :D , I guess you got my point ;)

Life said...

Bara2.. sho ea binti hal mawdo3 el kber :)

bara2 said...

Listen .. this is my opinion … God creates men and give them their duties which are : to provide their families, yfase7hom, give them love and care physically and emotionally … women are supposed to stay home .. taking care of his and her which mean their children not anyone's else.. it is Her duty to do this thing .. this is what Islam says … and religiously we cant go against our religion coz it only wants us "women" to be honored and respected and to live bera7a … that is why if we tried to go against it we would go against ourselves.. and logically .. do u think that there is what we call " superman" ??? dear there is no superman wala supermen .. do u think that men can do what they have to do if their wives give up their responsibilities??
Sorry 6awalet 3leke … but plz feel free to speak and convince me coz I may change my point view .. shu b3rfek?

bara2 said...

"Shu ya binti?" Shu ?? 7asa 7ale b7ke m3 sete .. e3terfe be3omrok :P
Walla mojbaron a5ak la ba6ala ..
this is what I have to do … so don’t ask why … :)

Life said...

wallah my age is what on my profile.. :D check it out..

Bas betdalli bema2am binti :D loooool ... o 3ala had el 2asas.. biddi hadet 3ed el 2om .. ma da5alni ;)

Life said...

wallah my age is what on my profile.. :D check it out..

Bas betdalli bema2am binti :D loooool ... o 3ala had el 2asas.. biddi hadet 3ed el 2o5t.. I mean 3ed el 2om.. :D .. ma da5alni ;)

bara2 said...

wala yhemek 7yat .. lah!!!! ente bto2more ... bs afaker belhadeya teta i'll send it to you ... wait for me ...

Maioush said...

Ok dear, nobody said any thing about disrespect, and when a woman works that doesn’t mean that giving up her responsibility, and Bara2, I can’t discuss the religion part because and to be honest, I’m not the right person to talk about it from a religious point of view, but as far as I know, women in Islam worked before, I know some of them were nurses during wars, and I’m sure they did other jobs that I don’t really know :)
As long as you can have balance in your life between work and home, you’re ok.
And lets not forget the fact that not everybody can afford life with the man being the only working person in the house, and I’m sure you that, let me ask you a question and a simple one, of a woman stayed home and took care of her house and kids and whatever she has to as you say, and (la sama7a allah) her husband died or whatever, will she be able to raise her kids by her self without working? And I’m saying this from a real life example.
For me religion has nothing against women working, and it has nothing to do with women being honored, she can be honored with whatever she does on her life :)

Abed Hamdan said...

Dear bara2,

you will get alot of negative feedback on this post, because you put it in a wrong way. I knew what you mean, but try to read it again, some people will misunderstand you.

I'm wondering if women want to have mostache and beard, they'll look ugly anyway.

There's beauty in the difference between men and women, and they complete each others..

men can play women roles, and women can play men roles, and neither party will play it right.

we should appreciate the difference rather than cursing it.

it's said that "Frailty is thy name women"...and I see beauty in women's frailty. It's an advantage. a beautiful advantage.

bara2 said...

ok guys : Abed and Mayoish :
u both missed a very important point here... and i advice u both to read my respond to Qabbani and u will understand what is going on ..
and 3bed .. i welcome the negative feedback .. that is what i'm looking for ..:)
actually i have a presentaion this Thursday and i have to provoke my audiance so that the more i annoy them the more i'll have marks :P yes yes this is the function of the course to know what is the words which i should use to provoke u .. i need to see which ideas u feel that it is the worest and i'll adopt it .. :P but later on as i make a war between students i withdraw and admit that most of these ideas are not mine .. :P
i invite u to this presentaion .. u would see what will happent to me after they discover that i'm laying .....
i think i should write my will right now ..:P

Abed Hamdan said...


this is a very bad technique. Controversy shouldn't be your goal. Try to communicate the ideas you truly beleive in, that's much better and more productive in the long run..

good luck in your representation :)

bara2 said...

مجبرا اخاك لا بطلا ....
هادا الشي الوحيد الي لازم اعملو ... ازا مو عاجبك بحكيلك مع الدكتور :)
على كل حال انا قررت اني خلص بالكلام الي حكيتو بستفز الطلاب كتير ... :) والله لازم اعمل هيك ... حتى اسأل الدكتور :)

Anonymous said...

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