Monday, March 19, 2007

" Yooooom El E3terad El3alame "

m3lesh .. bs i feel eno el25 masdoom belwaqe3 mtle .. Mosbahel ya3ne ..:P

Have u ever been in this situation before?
I did a presentation on the 1st of march … it wasn't good .. I talked about poetic justice in Shakespeare's play .. the doctor interrupted me and told me that what I was talking about was not true .. it was not the case .. he refused to listen to my point of view , so I felt disappointed and I wrote down in my blog "today I'm disappointed because I had a presentation and it didn’t go well" (for more information plz look down :P)
Now I'm supposed to provide the doctor with a brief summary about what I talked about ... I knew what I was talking about is documented and I didn’t come up with anything from my mind … but why did he stop me?? He was like : " yes, yes u did great ya bara2 .. ur language, ur accent and ur body language were really great … but to be honest with u and I don’t mean to offense u .. the topic wasn’t good … u said some wrong things "
I wanna hit him or do something …anything …. :(
Now I've been reading in some sites about Shushu Shakespeare.. and I discovered that unlike what our doctor says , all critics believe that there is no poetic justice in his works .. ya jama3a .. I win … bs daktorna m3aned …
Now, I'm forced to set and listen to what he says although I don’t believe in most of it …
I have to give the summary to him tomorrow.. I hand it many times bs each time be6la3le be naksha .. mara the number of the pages … mara the name of the book … offfff … trust me .. it's good .. I showed it to three doctors and they told me the same word: " perfect" .
Ok,since it is " Yoooom el 2e3terad el3alme " I wanna say that I'm 20 years old not 21 … when I read my profile I found the age : 21 .. yajama3a 2/9/1986 bakoon kamalet 21??? (( women don’t grow older than 20.. don’t u think so?? They reach 20 and stop there :P ))
Plz people if u have anything to complain about just write it down … this is "Yoooom el 2e3terad el3alme "….. w kol sana w mshakelkom ma7lola ..

Anyway … I have a question and please if u know the answer MATEB5AL 3LENA ……:
- How can I use a new template from other sites?


Qwaider قويدر said...

اربطي الحمار مطرح ما يقلّك صاحبه.. لا تعاندي الدكتور.. بتندمي..صدقيني

You might be right. You might be smarter than him, and get it better than him. BUT he's the professor and you're the student and he controls your grades. So for your own sake, just do what he asks of you.

Sorry for spraying advice like that uninvited. I remember being in the same spot .. and regretting proving to the professor how wrong he was.
You might win the argument, you might win the point. But you will certainly lose the rest of the war!

MQabbani said...

متل ما قال عمو قودير

كلام الدكتور دائما صح و هوة الأقوى ...

بعدين انا ما عندي اي نوع من الأعتارضات حاليا

بالنسبة للتميبلت , انا لستو بداري يعني اي دونت نو , كوز انا مو إن بلوجر ..

bara2 said...

thank u 4 ur advice i think i'm forced to take it coz i don't want to lose mark ... la2eno 5el2a mafe marks... and the proverb, it's very nice man ...
since it's yoom el2e3terad 3nde .. 5lene a3tared 3la seyaset el dakatra 3'ayr el3adela m3 el6olab ... thank u man ...
Qabbani :
واالله التمبليت مجنني .. نفسي اغيرو ... على كل حال : بما انو اليوم هو يوم الاعتراض العالمي والذي يستمر من صباح يوم الاثنين 19/3 الى اجل غير مسمى ... بحب احكيلك انو مدونتنا مفتوحة 25 ساعة باليوم، 9 ايام بالاسبوع و 13 شهر بالسنة لاعتراضاتكم ...
بأي وقت بدك تعترض ... احنا جاهزين ..

Anonymous said...

just get me the Dr's name and address and i will take care of him :-)

bara2 said...

abu elshawakesh:
i don't know what to write u made me laugh ..
is this the way u men deal with every thing??? i think in the girls' world if we want something we can take it .. just go to the Dr office w shwayet dala3 .. and u know .. but i'm against this way and LA ARDA ... w LAN aqbal ...

bara2 said...

Abu shakosh:
W ana s3'ere 6el3at 3esaba msamya 7alha abu shakush … w ana motelak r3ob .. hat eqne3ne aro7 3la elmadrasa !!! aw anam l7ale bel3'orfa?? Aw anam w eldaw m6fe … offffff 3emlole film ro3ob … (-:

Life said...

انا أعترض..

بما انو يوم الأعتراض العالمي...
انا أكتر وحدة عندي اعتراضات...

بس ما اظن اذا بديت رح اخلص.. و بلاش فضايح.. فخلص.. خللي الطابق مستور..

اما بالنسبة للتامبليت يا ستي..

there are web sits that can give you free tamplats.. and very nice ones too.. just search the net for free blog tamplats.. then when you find them.. you need to go to Tamplate settings--->Edite HTML
from the site you got the tamplate you will have an HTML code.. you just paste it there.. and I hope you get good results..

It might not work from the first time.. bas you need to be carefull there.. (dont save).. just preview first.. because you might lose your tamplate..
You dont need to be an expert.. by time you will be able to add more things by just adding HTML codes to the one you have already..

ما حدش يسألني اي حاجة عشان انا مش فاهم اي حاجة من اللي انا قلته :)

good luck ;)

Maioush said...

walahi ya bara2 qwaider is right, ana ayam el jam3a enjabaret asqes maddeh mshsn 3anadet el doctor o asbatet enno '3altan :S
5alas masheeha dear, e3malli elli bedi yah :D
amma 3ala seret el el 20.. ya 7leeeeeeeeeeeeeelek had enti katkooteh lessa, ya salam law arja3 22 3ala el a2al :D (allah yer7an ayam el jam3a) walahi zakarteeni belazi mada :D

bara2 said...

ahlan mayoosh about the the dr. 5alas btmono bnmashelo eyaha :P about 20: ana kbere ya mayosh :P